Trade show magic

Incorporating magic on your stand at a trade show is an excellent and novel way to engage potential and existing clients with your brand.

Using my background in corporate engineering, street performing and sales I have developed a unique technique that lends itself perfectly to attracting people to trade show stands.

By going out into the trade show crowd and showing a magic trick to a group I am able to quickly engage people and naturally start a conversation with them and then introduce the group to your sales team at the stand.

Using magic is a great way to generate warm sales leads by bringing people to your stand who may have otherwise walked past without stopping to see what your company has to offer!

I can even add your brand message or company name into my magic. For example, everyone I perform magic to I can make think of a random company. That company will happen to be yours and becomes a name they will never forget!

We hired Dare to perform magic and engage clients at our AHRI National Convention and Exhibition stand and he helped the team achieve an increase in sales leads compared to the previous year’s effort. His magic service generated an ROI for us so we’ve booked Dare again since!

–  Marc Havercroft (COO & Vice President Strategy), SAP

I employed Dare's magic services to help represent CSA at a trade show held at the Sydney ICC. The feedback from clients and visitors was brilliant. Dare's magic really helped engage and attract visitors to our stand, he was the star of the whole trade show. Everything we do is about putting our customers first – and Dare’s magic connected an interactive and enjoyable experience with the CSA brand.

James White - General Manager, Marketing, CSA

We partnered with Dare at a large scale government event, and while some of our team were sceptical at whether a magician would work, they were pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Dare was a star at connecting with the crowd and bringing them over to talk to our team in a meaningful way. He was engaging and interesting with intelligent tricks - not just your average magician! I would happily recommend Dare for anyone looking for something different at their next event.

Stephanie Challinor - Head of marketing and communications, AC3


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